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DOI: 10.33975/riuq.vol33n2.603
Paper Summary: Title: IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON EUROPEAN AND TURKEY AIR TRAFFIC NETWORKS Author(s): TUNCAL, Arif; USLU, Suat; DURSUN, Erdal Year: 2021 DOI: 10.33975/riuq.vol33n2.603 Received on: 2022-09-26
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DOI: 10.1038/d41586-018-05968-3
Paper Summary: Title: How Unpaywall is transforming open science Author(s): Else, Holly Year: 2018 DOI: 10.1038/d41586-018-05968-3 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2022-09-25
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DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.3520v1
Paper Summary: Title: Open access levels: a quantitative exploration using Web of Science and oaDOI data Author(s): Bosman, Jeroen ;Kramer, Bianca Year: 2018 DOI: 10.7287/peerj.preprints.3520v1 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2022-09-25
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DOI - Frequently Asked Questions
Where to find tutorials on DOI (Digital Object Identifier)? Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team about DOI (Digital Object Identifier): Introduction to DOI What Is DOI DOI Document URL Redirect DOI Registration Agencies DOI ...
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shortdoi.org - Short DOI Lookup
What is short DOI? How to get a short DOI from the regular DOI? Short DOI is a short string that represents a regular DOI string. You can use shortdoi.org Website to look up a short DOI of a given regular DOI. 1. Go to http://shortdoi.org . You see the short DOI lookup form. 2. Enter your regular DO...
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What Is DOI
What is DOI (Digital Object Identifier)? DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique, persistent identifying number for a document published online. It appears on a document or in a bibliographic citation as an alphanumeric string of characters that acts as an active link to the original digital obj...
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Introduction to DOI
Where to find tutorials on Introduction to DOI (Digital Object Identifier)? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team on Introduction to DOI (Digital Object Identifier). What Is DOI DOI Document URL Redirect DOI Registration Agencies   ⇒ Wha...
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DOI Registration Agencies
What are DOI Registration Agencies? DOI Registration Agencies are organizations in different region of the world to provide DOI registration service to publishers. 1. Airiti, Inc. - DOI applications to Traditional Chinese materials. 2. BSI Identify - Creating and managing UPIN identifiers for constr...
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DOI Document URL Redirect
What is DOI document URL redirect or DOI Resolver? DOI document URL redirect, also called DOI Resolver, is a Web service that redirects you to the official Website of the actual document for a given DOI. This Website is usually maintained by the publisher of the document. In many cases, the publishe...
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crossref.org - DOI Search
How to search for a DOI? I know the document title and author, but I don't know the DOI. If you want to search for the DOI of a document with title and author from the crossref.org DOI database, you can use the DOI search tool provided on the crossref.org Website. 1. Go to https://www.crossref.org/g...
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crossref.org - DOI Metadata Lookup
How to lookup and obtain DOI Metadata? I want to know who is the author of a given DOI. If you have a DOI, and want to know its author and other information about the document, you can use the DOI metadata lookup tool provided by crossref.org: 1. Go to https://www.crossref.org , and click "search me...
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api.datacite.org/dois/{doi} - Retrieve a Single DOI
How to retrieve a single DOI with api.datacite.org/dois/{doi}? If you want to retrieve the content of a single DOI, you can use the following URL template: https://api.datacite.org/dois/ {doi}Here is an example of retrieving the content of a given DOI: fyicenter$ curl https://api.datacite.org/dois/ 1...
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DOI: 10.1037/0003-066X.59.1.29
Paper Summary: Title: How the Mind Hurts and Heals the Body. Author(s): Ray, Oakley Year: 2004 DOI: 10.1037/0003-066X.59.1.29 Received on: 2022-09-28
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DOI: 10.1108/14664100110397304
Paper Summary: Title: Learning from death Author(s): Cowan, P. J. Year: 2001 DOI: 10.1108/14664100110397304 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2022-09-24
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DOI: 10.1007/s10393-010-0355-5
Paper Summary: Title: Using Remote Sensing to Map the Risk of Human Monkeypox Virus in the Congo Basin Author(s): Trevon Fuller; Henri A. Thomassen; Prime M. Mulembakani; Sara C. Johnston; James O. Lloyd-Smith; Neville K. Kisalu; Timothee K. Lutete; Seth Blumberg; Joseph N. Fair; Nathan D. Wolfe; Ro...
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DOI: 10.1080/14754835.2020.1816164
Paper Summary: Title: Legal empowerment approaches in the context of COVID-19 Author(s): Dhital, S., & Walton, T. Year: 2020 DOI: 10.1080/14754835.2020.1816164 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2022-09-24
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DOI: 10.1093/ajae/aaq063
Paper Summary: Title: An Analysis of the Pricing of Traits in the U.S. Corn Seed Market Author(s): Shi, G.; Chavas, J.-p.; Stiegert, K. Year: 2010 DOI: 10.1093/ajae/aaq063 Received on: 2022-09-28
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DOI: 10.1001/jama.2020.6572
Paper Summary: Title: From Mitigation to Containment of the COVID-19 Pandemic Author(s): Walensky, R. P., & del Rio, C. Year: 2020 DOI: 10.1001/jama.2020.6572 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2022-09-23
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DOI: 10.1001/jama.2020.5388
Paper Summary: Title: Testing Individuals for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Author(s): Hadaya, Joseph; Schumm, Max; Livingston, Edward H. Year: 2020 DOI: 10.1001/jama.2020.5388 Received at FYIcenter.com on: 2022-09-23
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DOI: 10.1038/nrn2421
Paper Summary: Title: Brain foods: the effects of nutrients on brain function Author(s): Gómez-Pinilla, Fernando Year: 2008 DOI: 10.1038/nrn2421 Received on: 2022-09-28
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Testing Area
What is test testing area for? The testing area is provided to allow visitors to post testing comments.
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About doi.FYIcenter.com
doi.FYIcenter.com is a FYI center on DOI (Digital Object Identifier). Questions and comments are welcome!
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