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Where to find tutorials on DOI (Digital Object Identifier)?



Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team about DOI (Digital Object Identifier):

Introduction to DOI

What Is DOI

DOI Document URL Redirect

DOI Registration Agencies

DOI Content Negotiation at

What Is DOI Content Negotiation

DOI Content in Formatted Text Citation

DOI Content in BibTeX (Bibliography for LaTeX)

DOI Content in RIS (Research Information Systems)

DOI Content in RDF Turtle Format

DOI Content in in JSON-LD Format

DOI Content in Citeproc JSON Format

DOI Content in RDF XML Format

DOI Content in ONIX for DOI Format

DOI Content in DataCite XML Format

DOI Content in Crossref Unixref XML Format

DOI Content in Crossref UNIXSD XML Format DOI Database

What Is Crossref - DOI Search - DOI Metadata Lookup - DOI Metadata API API - /types for DOI Types API - /licenses for DOI License Types API - /prefixes for DOI Prefixes API - /works for Research Papers API - /journals for Journals API - /members for Publishers API - /funders for Funders API - /works/{doi}/transform API - /works/{doi}/transform/{mime} API - /works Updates

DOI API for Python - Crossref Commons

XML API -{doi}

XML API -{xml}

XML API -{doi}

XML API -{doi}

OAI-PMH API - DOI Database

What Is DataCite

DataCite Commons - Search for Works People and Organizations

DataCite REST API -{doi} - Retrieve a Single DOI - Retrieve a List of DOIs{keyword} - Query All Fields{field}:{keyword} - Query Given Fields - Query Publishers - Query Providers


GraphQL API -

Introduction to Sci-Hub

What Is Sci-Hub

Download Scientific Paper from Sci-Hub

PaperPanda - Chrome Extension

Download Research Paper with PaperPanda

Download Scientific Paper with Telegram

Download Scientific Paper with BitTorrent

Download Sci-Hub DOI List

Download Sci-Hub DOI Metadata

PubMed Central (PMC) DOI Database

What Is PubMed Central (PMC) - Search PMC - OA Web Service - FTP Service

PMC FTP Service - Bulk Download

PMC FTP Service - Article Package Download

PMC FTP Service - PDF File Download

PMC FTP Service - ID Map Download - OAI-PMH Service

Other DOI Tools and Resources - Short DOI Lookup - Access Research Paper Content - Open Access Papers

Unpaywall Browser Plugin to Access Papers

Unpaywall API to Search Papers - Open Access DOI Database

oaDOI Document URL Redirect

Download Scientific Paper with LibGen

Download Research Paper at

OA (Open Access) Lookup at

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Introduction to DOI

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