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The ID Map Download service at allows you to download the map file that cross reference any PMC article ID with identifiers such as PubMed IDs, DOIs, and Author Manuscript IDs.

The ID map file is provided in CSV format as shown below:

PMC-ids.csv.gz            2022-08-08 04:58  162M  

If you decompress PMC-ids.csv.gz and open it, you will see several fields as shown in the following example, with PMCID as the public ID of the article and PMID as the internal ID:

Journal Title - Breast Cancer Res
ISSN - 1465-5411
eISSN - 1465-542X
Year - 2000
Volume - 3
Issue - 1
Page - 55
DOI - 10.1186/bcr271
PMCID - PMC13900
PMID - 11250746
Manuscript Id - 
Release Date - live

You using this ID map file to convert a PMC ID to a DOI, or vice versa. - OAI-PMH Service

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