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What is unpaywall.org?

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unpaywall.org is a Website run by OurResearch, a nonprofit dedicated to making scholarship more accessible to everyone. It hosts the oaDOI (Open Access DOI) database with millions of free scholarly articles.

unpaywall.org offers 3 interfaces for you to access research papers:

  • Browser Plugin - Install Unpaywall plugin for Chrome and Firefox to find and access research papers.
  • API - Call Unpaywall API to find and access research papers
  • Web Search - Use Web browser to find and access research papers

Here is how to its Web Search interface.

1. Go to https://unpaywall.org/articles. You see the research paper lookup form.

2. Enter your DOI number like "10.1038/d41586-018-05968-3". And press <Enter> key. You see the matched research paper information displayed under the lookup form.

3. click the "HTML" link next to the matched paper. You see the full content of the paper.

unpaywall.org - Open Access Papers
unpaywall.org - Open Access Papers


Unpaywall Browser Plugin to Access Papers

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