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How to use DataCite REST API - I want to retrieve DOI metadata with computer programs.



DataCite REST API allows any user to retrieve, query and browse DataCite DOI metadata records.

Technical information on API:

Base URL:
  /clients - For all DataCite clients
  /dois - For all dois (datasets, text documents, etc.)
  /events	- For all events from the DataCite Event Data service
  /prefixes	- For all DOI prefixes (publishers)
  /providers - For all DataCite providers
  /reports - For usage reports
  /activities - For all data activities

By default, API returns data in JSON format. It can also return the following format specified by the "Accept: {mime}" Header.

(default)          - for JSON format
'Accept: text/csv' - for CSV format 

Result pagination is supported by 2 query parameters:

page[size]={size} - Specifies the number items per result page
page[number]={index} - Specifies the index of the result page to be returned

Other generic parameters supported are:

query="keyword" - Specifies the keyword for search for 
provider-id={provider-id}	- Filters result for a specific DataCite provider
client-id={client-id}	- Filters result for a specific DataCite client (repository)
resource-type-id={resource-type-id} - Filters result for a specific resourceTypeGeneral
person-id={person-id}	- Filters result for a specific author
registered={year}	- Filters result for a specific year when items were registered
created={year} - Filters result for a specific year when items were published
sort={field} - Sorts result for the give field

For more information, see DataCite REST API Guide.{doi} - Retrieve a Single DOI

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