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How to use DataCite Commons to Search for Works People and Organizations?



DataCite Commons describes works, people, and organizations, and their connections and allows users to search for them. They are identified by persistent identifiers (PIDs): works (DOI), people (ORCID ID), and organizations (ROR ID), and have standard metadata that describe them and the connections to each other. Together they form the PID Graph, which is powered by the DataCite GraphQL API. DataCite Commons provides a public web search interface to the PID Graph.

DataCite Commons is work in progress as part of the European Commission-funded FREYA project with a first public version released in August 2020, with 30 million works, nine million people and 100,000 organizations. DataCite Commons was officially launch in October 2020.

DataCite Commons provides a single search interface for Works, People, and Organizations. Works are content registered with a DOI from DataCite, Crossref, or one of the other six scholarly DOI registration agencies. The People search integrates with the ORCID API and the Organizations search integrates with the ROR API.

Here is an example on how to use DataCite Commons to search for research papers with given keyword.

1. Go to DataCite Commons Web Portal.

2. Click on the "Works" tab.

3. Enter the keyword: covid-19. You see search result of all DOIs related to COVID-19.

DataCite Commons - Search DOIs (Works)
DataCite Commons - Search DOIs (Works)

The matching items in the search result are also grouped by different fields like year, type, language, etc.. You can filter matching items by select different grouping values listed on the left side.


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