Download Sci-Hub DOI Metadata


How to download DOI metadata from Sci-Hub?



Sci-Hub also provides DOI metadata in MySQL dump format. You can follow these steps to download it.

1. Down the MySQL dump file in compressed format. File is huge, 10352938638 bytes. It may take a few hours. You may also want to give a higher retry limit to ensure the whole file gets downloaded.

fyicenter$ wget --tries=50
Length: 10352938638 (9.6G) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: ‘scimag_2020-05-30.sql.gz’

2. Decompress it.

fyicenter$ gunzip scimag_2020-05-30.sql.gz

3. Restore the DOI metadata into your local MySQL database.

fyicenter$ mysql < scimag_2020-05-30.sql


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